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Site Planning and Design  –  Conservation Subdivision Design  –  Land Use Planning

We also specialize in assisting municipalities in preparing for growth with a "Community Planning Vision" the most efficient foundation for new or updated zoning in NYSWe help public and private clients across central New York State implement "Smart Growth" while retaining the resources and rural character communities love most.


— Jeanie Gleisner, MSLA  APA

     Town Planning Associates


With over 16 years of experience managing the Comprehensive Planning & Community Development Program at the Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board, Jeanie has deep experience working with Counties, Towns and Villages across New York State developing municipal Comprehensive Plans, Districts, Sites, and revitalizing communities. Currently serving on NOAA's Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council as community liaison and voting member for Economic Development, her clients have included the U.S. Department of the Interior, the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation, Preservation League of New York State, private developers, museums, and historic landscape stewardship organizations.


Town Planning Associates can help your municipality develop land use plans, Community Planning Visions (CPV); subdivision or site plans; Conservation Subdivision Design (CSD) process; conservation lands mapping; overlay district plans; planned unit developments; zoning policy updates; environmental performance (good neighbor) policy; signage regulations; and Hamlet or Village design guidelines.


When development is knocking at your door, your town or village may find the need to implement "smart growth" planning and zoning updates sooner than is possible through a lengthy Comprehensive Planning process which can require a year or more to complete. 

We accelerate the smart growth planning and zoning update process by working collaboratively with municipalities to create and implement a summary comprehensive planning document called a "Community Planning Vision (CPV)". A CPV, developed specifically for use in rural towns and villages, outlines the community's vision and goals for the future, and can be formally adopted in the short term as a brief, but focused guide for local "smart growth" zoning and subdivision updates.


With its basis in guiding County sustainability plans, and through local data collection, mapping, analysis, a "community visioning workshop", and municipal adoption, the CPV becomes an official component of the municipality's comprehensive planning. Because it is developed quickly and affordably,  the CPV makes smart land use regulatory (zoning and subdivision) changes possible in the shorter term, in advance of development applications.

A CPV can be developed at the same time as an ongoing Comprehensive Planning effort, or provide a basis for a future planning effort. The key advantage is that developers with access to a locally-adopted CPV are more likely to submit high quality proposals aligned with what the municipality and community have indicated they want to see in future development, and not what they don't want.

*If you would like to consider a CPV and need more details on the process, cost, etc., please contact us. We would be happy to meet with you or send you any information you need.


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